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A detail view of one face of a skyscraper. The top of the round arch entry is just visible. Above the entry are small balconies heavily decorated with gothic ornament. Above the ornate balconies rises the rest of the skyscraper, with a relatively plain façade, punctuated by windows that reflect the sky. The building is covered in a light-colored stone and sunlight hits the surface in scattered patches.

Hassan Bagheri
Tribune Tower, 2019
© Hassan Bagheri

From his early years as a student through his final years at Rockefeller Center, Hood remained committed to architecture that suited the needs of his clients in a rational but distinctive way.

Hood firmly believed that architecture was both an art and a business. Beauty and utility were one and the same. The projects included in this exhibition, both built and unbuilt, represent Hood’s contribution to what is perhaps the most modern, most American building type: the skyscraper.