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The Tribune Tower at night, in tones of grey with yellow light shining from windows and infusing the top of the building. The Tribune looms over is neighbors in exaggerated scale. Beams of light shoot into the sky creating an arch over the building. "Golden Glow/Floodlighting Projectors/Electric Service Supplies Company" is printed in a black panel below the image.

Architecture of the Night

The Europeans get the day, we get the night. … Here is modernism indeed. Thousands of years went by with their changes of style, but not until this century was there electric light, which … has changed the basis of all architecture. —Douglas Haskell

Golden Glow: Floodlight Projectors, brochure, 1932
Electric Service Supplies Company, Philadelphia, 1932
11" × 8½"
© Centre Canadien d’Architecture, Montréal