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A rendering of a skyscraper viewed from street level at a slight distance. The skyscraper rises up from a low rectangular base of about a dozen stories that fills an entire city block. The main slab of the building rises up from this base setback significantly on all four sides. Its short side is very narrow and its long side is very broad. A stepped setback pattern bridges the narrow sides of the slab with the narrow sides of the base.

Urban Visions

Raymond Hood Unbuilt

The city would throw off its outworn street plan. There would be no cumbersome overhead or underground streets, darkened alleys, foul air or congested traffic lanes. Eventually, there would be no streets. The city would be a park dotted with buildings. —Raymond Hood

Carl E. Landefeld, 1900–1969 (Office of Raymond Hood)
City Under a Single Roof, perspective, 1929
Gelatin silver print
10" × 8"
Raymond Hood Collection, The Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania, by the gift of Mrs. Jacques André Fouilhoux