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American Radiator Building

A color print of a black skyscraper with gold accents. The gold accents highlight areas of the top of the building. Gold accents also highlight the lower stories of the building. The first story is faced with a large shop window bordered by a gold frame. In the foreground is a park with a sweeping path and autumn trees, the yellow-orange of the leaves matching the golden highlights on the skyscraper.

Rendering by Birch Burdette Long, 1878–1927
American Radiator Building, New York, 1924
from Architectural Record, May 1924

New commissions followed immediately after Hood’s Tribune Tower competition win. One of the most prominent of these was a new headquarters for the American Radiator Company at Bryant Park in New York.

In the design of the Radiator Building we see Hood move away from strict neo-gothicism to a freer, more abstract interpretation in terms of overall form, massing, and detail.