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Urban Visions

A close up view of the lower portions of three skyscrapers in a line on a single city block. The skyscrapers are set back from the sidewalk and street on all sides, leaving open plazas between the buildings where crowds of people move around. Each of the three skyscrapers has a central entryway above which the symmetrical squared towers rise. An inscription below the drawing reads: "These 3 great buildings occupy no more space in this block than do the two fountains and the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Imagine the next block built in the same manner and so on!"

Raymond Hood
Tower City IV, aerial perspectives, 1926
Ink and gouache on paper
9½" × 14¾"
Raymond Hood Collection, The Architectural Archives, University of Pennsylvania,
by the gift of Mrs. Jacques André Fouilhoux